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Business Tax Receipts

If you are operating a business in the city limits, you must have a Business Tax Receipt. 

All entities doing business in the City of Clewiston must obtain a Business Tax Receipt each year.  Business Tax Receipts ensure the applicant has the proper state and federal licenses. Receipts are required by law to be  obtained prior to opening and operating a business in the city. 

Anyone who must have a  professional license to perform their jobs such as architects, auditors, accountants, attorneys,  chiropractors, dentists,  engineers, hair dressers,  physicians, real estate brokers, surgeons or  other similar professions must have an individual Business Tax Receipt to base their business within the City limits.

Non-profit organizations, churches, and charitable organizations do not need occupational licenses according to the statutes.  There is a specific exemption for religious and charitable organizations, including fraternal, civic, and social service organizations. 

Ficticious names must be registered with and approved by the State prior to the issuance of the Business Tax Receipt.  The State process may take up 4- 6 weeks weeks, so please allow plenty of time.  You must also have a separate Business Tax Receipt for each fictitious name.  If a single organization operates under two or more names, or your organization uses different names for different businesses, you are required to obtain a Business Tax Receipt for each name.

A Business Tax Receipt is easy to obtain.  Simply stop by the Community Development Department at 121 Central Avenue,  and see Office Manager, Karen Moore. 

Karen Moore, Office Manager
Community Development


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