Starting Service

All new utility customers must come into the Utilities Office located at 141 Central Avenue to sign up for service.  A driver's license, social security number and either a rent receipt or mortgage deed showing the physical address will be required to establish an account.  Utility deposits are based on two month's average bill for that residence or $200 whichever is greater.  We do accept MasterCard and Visa payments.  If you have had 12 months of service with another utility some time in the last 18 months, a letter of good credit from the previous utility may be accepted in lieu of a cash deposit.  Good credit history is defined as no more than 2 delinquent payments or returned checks and no forced collections or service terminations in the past 12 months of service.  New accounts will be turned on the same day if the account is activated before 12 noon.  Any account activitated after 12 noon, will be turned on the following business day.  Any new construction or new service connections require a minimum of 2 business day's notification.

Termination of Services  

Contact the Customer Service Department when you wish to discontinue service.  Your deposit will be applied to the final billing, and if you are due a refund, it will be included with the final billing.

Seasonal Customers

Electric and water service can remain on but the main breaker must be turned off.  There is a minimum monthly customer charge for electricity and water plus any fixed charges.  

You can request to disconnect the electric and water service when you leave and pay a service charge to have utilities reconnected when you return.  The charge will be added to your first bill after reconnection.  This option is advantageous if you are gone for more than three consecutive months because the minimum charge for three months under the first option will be more than the service charge.