Billing & Payments


Rates are based on the class of service, i.e. residential, commercial, etc. and a rate sheet is available at the Utilities Office.

Bills are due when rendered and are considered past due if payment is not received prior to the due date listed on your bill.  If payment is not received prior to the due date on the bill, a reminder will be mailed to you.  Service will be subject to termination if payment is not received within five (5) days of the date listed on the reminder notice.  If a service has been terminated, payment must be received by 3:00 p.m. to be reinstated the same day.  No reconnects will be made after normal operating hours, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Our Customer Service personnel are very knowledgeable and can answer almost any question, however you can ask our Office Manager, Rhonda Davis, about billing questions or the Utilities Director, Danny Williams, about service questions or complaints at 863-983-1454. 


The City accepts a number of payment types to pay your utilities, including Electronic Debit.  Please see the Related Pages links below for more information on individual types of payments.

Transfer of Deposit

Your deposit, if not already refunded, can be transferred to another address if you are moving within our service area.

Understanding Your Bill

Clewiston Utilities is a municipally owned electric utility. We are a department of the City of Clewiston and own all of the electrical distribution system within the City including the Harlem community. Which means that any “profit” made by the electric department is returned to the City of Clewiston, primarily in the form of Parks and Recreation, Police, Fire, and street lighting services; and helps to offset ad valorum tax rates.

Clewiston Utilities has not raised the Electric Base Rate portion of your bill since May 2001. The Base Rate is the portion of your bill that includes the Kilowatt Hours (KWH) referred to as “electric usage”. This portion of your bill is what covers all aspects of operating the electric utility except the actual fuel costs used to produce the electricity. The POWER ADJUSTMENT, which appears on your bill is the difference between our base rate and what Clewiston Utilities pays to purchase electricity. It is calculated monthly and applied (charged) on your electric usage only. There is no profit on this charge.

Clewiston Utilities is a member of and buys all of its electricity from the Florida Municipal Power Association (FMPA). FMPA is made up of 30 other cities.