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Sean Scheffler
Public Works Director
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Public Works

Sean Scheffler has been employed by the City of Clewiston since 1979. Mr. Scheffler was promoted to Public Works Director in 1997. 

The Public Works Department maintains the City's streets, sidewalks, and drainage system. The Department is also responsible for the collection of garbage and trash. Other responsibilities include installing and replacing street signs, vehicle repair and maintenance, and keeping the City's rights-of-way mowed and the streets swept.

In 2008, the Public Works Department implemented a fully automated residential garbage collection system utilizing a one person collection operation and providing each residential customer a standardized garbage receptacle With the system in full operation, an overall cost reduction of 50% has been realized. This savings stabilized the solid waste division and insured no rate increases in the near future.

The Public Works Department is consistently upgrading the City's infrastructure. Yearly projects include the installation of new sidewalks and the asphalt overlay of various streets in town. The most recent project was the drainage upgrade and street paving on West Pasadena Avenue.

Seventeen dedicated employees work in the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department is committed to providing essential services in the most efficient and professional manner in order to keep Clewiston clean and safe. However, there's a chance we may have overlooked a pothole or other public works issues. If you see some thing that needs our attention, click on the feedback form below.