Budget Billing Information

What is Budget Billing?

If you'd like your residential utility bill to be the same amount each month, try the City of Clewiston's Budget Billing Program. Budget Billing allows our customers to pay a levelized amount each month based on their yearly average.  By averaging your bills, you can avoid seasonal high and low bills.

With Budget Billing you can:

  • Avoid seasonal monthly peaks and valleys on your utility bill
  • Budget for your utility bill knowing you will be paying the same amount each month
  • Withdraw from the program at any time if you decide it does not work for you

How it works:

We will calculate a monthly payment amount based on the previous 12 months on all of your services. With this budgeted amount, customers may find that in the summer months, when you are consuming more electricity than usual, the budget bill is less than the actual bill.  During the winter, when customers usually consume less electricity, the budget bill may be higher than your actual bill. Regardless of your actual billing, you will always pay the same amount each month. In December each year, we will reevaluate your account and a new Budget payment amount will be calculated. This amount could be higher or lower than the previous year because it will be averaged over the past 12 months.  We will notify you in December of the new payment amount that will become effective with your January billing.


  • Residential customers who own their own home
  • Account is current with no delinquencies or returned checks

To sign up for the Program, simply call our office at 863-983-1454 or stop by our office at 141 Central Avenue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long must I participate after I sign up?

A:  You may withdraw from the program at any time, however, you may not re-enter the program for 12 months after you withdraw.  A written notice must be sent to the Utilities Office to terminate your participation in the Budget Billing Program. At that time, you will be billed for any outstanding amount that may be owed.


Q: What if I become delinquent while in Budget Billing?

A: If your account becomes delinquent or in the event of meter tampering, the account will be terminated immediately from the program and the total balance will become due. Participation in the Budget Billing Program will not protect your services from being disrupted in the event of nonpayment. As with any billing, your payments must be made in a timely manner.


Q: What if I move to another address while in the Budget Billing Program?

A: When transferring to a new address, the total balance owed at the time of transfer must be paid or the Budget Billing Program will not be activated at the new service address until such payment is made in full. It is understood that the final bill will include all monies owed the City of Clewiston under the Budget Billing Plan.