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What is Automated Curbside Sanitation Service?
Automated curbside sanitation service is the use of the newest and most efficient technology. Residents are provided with a special 96-gallon rollout cart. Collection trucks are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that lifts, empties the cart, and returns it to the ground. The process takes about ten seconds and can be performed without the driver leaving the truck. The resident must roll the cart to the curb on pick up day and return it to their yard at the end of the day following pick up.
What are the advantages of the Automated Curbside Sanitation Service?
* Residents no longer have to buy garbage cans. Carts are provided by the City at no cost to the resident. The carts are standardized, convenient, maneuverable, easy to roll, and durable. * Carts provide positive litter control, reduce odors, and eliminate pest and animal pilferage problems. * Eliminates the need for employees to go on private property. * Eliminates manual loading of refuse, thus reducing job-related injuries to collectors; significant savings on risk and worker's compensation insurance costs. * Reduces heavy truck traffic and spillage of liquid wastes on the City's streets.
Do I have to use the cart provided for the Automated Curbside Sanitation Service?
Yes. This is the way the City of Clewiston will be providing residential solid waste collection. It is more cost effective, safer, cleaner, and faster. It will establish higher standards of service without increasing your monthly bill.
What can I place in the cart for Automated Curbside Sanitation Service?
All the waste from your residence can go into the cart. Kitchen and bathroom garbage is to be bagged. Trash such as boxes, packing material, and small furniture items are to be broken down and placed in the cart. At no time is garbage to be placed for collection by the street unless it is in the cart. If the cart is full, hold the debris until your next scheduled pick up and then set out for collection. Large items like furniture and appliances will be picked up by another truck. Small amounts of construction debris may be placed in the cart. The lid must be closed completely.
What is a special pick up?
When the amount of waste or debris offered for collection falls outside the normal scope or the established standard for residential service, a special pick up is required. Construction debris and large piles (larger than a pickup truck or 4 cubic yards) of horticulture require a special pick up. Arrangements can be made by calling the Public Works office at 863-983-1471. There is a fee for this pick up.
Where do I put the cart for Automated Curbside Sanitation Service?
The cart must be kept on your property well away from the street. On the night before your scheduled pickup, roll the cart to the edge of the street and place on the side of your driveway with the wheels facing your house. After service has been completed, you should return the cart to your house no later than the end of the day of collection. Never place the cart within four feet of a mailbox, power pole, fire hydrant, parked vehicle, tree, or sign. The lid should be closed completely.
Can I place items on or beside the cart?
No. Only debris that fits into the cart with the lid closed completely can be offered for collection. Christmas is the only time additional bagged garbage, stacked neatly by the cart, will be allowed for collection at no additional charge - BUT only for a specified amount of time.
How often will my cart be picked up?
Garbage will continue to be picked up twice a week, Monday and Friday, except for Thanskgiving and Christmas Day. Special arrangements and schedules will be made to cover these times of increased need.
What if my cart is damaged or stolen?
If your assigned cart is damaged because of years of service or stolen, the City will replace or repair the cart at no cost to you. If the cart is damaged or destroyed by the resident, the cart's replacement cost will be added to the utility bill. The route supervisor will determine the action to be taken.
What items cannot be placed in the cart?
Batteries, pesticides, unused fertilizers, paint, pool chemicals, motor oil, yard clippings, dirt, rocks, medical supplies, or hazardous waste are never to be placed for collection in the cart. Landfill restrictions and/or the potential for damage to equipment or injury to yourself or the truck operator are great. The uncontrolled mixing of chemicals can create toxic gases or a flammable material that can ignite without warning. If you have questions about what to do with items removed from your waste, call the Public Works Department at 863-983-1471 for information and proper disposal answers.
What if my cart does not get dumped?
This system is designed to ensure collection if the cart is placed by the street by 6:00 a.m. on the scheduled pick up day. The cart may be placed at the curbside on the night before the scheduled pick up. The cart must be placed in the proper location allowing for safe equipment operation and accessibility. If the cart is not dumped because of the resident's error, service will be provided at the next regular scheduled pick up.
How can I get service if I am physically unable to roll the cart to the street?
The City of Clewiston understands some residents cannot handle the cart because of health reasons or physical limitations. If this is an issue, a written statement from your doctor will make you eligible for "indigent" service. This confidential information will be kept on file at the Public Works office. This service is available only to disabled customers at the recorded address and there is no one living at that address who is physically able to roll the cart to the street. The driver has a list of addresses for homes needing this special service which includes bringing the cart to the curb and returning it to the back yard after it is emptied. There will be a reasonable additional monthly charge to customers for this service.
What if one cart is not enough for my family?
The 95-gallon cart dumped twice per week will handle the average family of four. However, if one cart is insufficient to handle your disposal needs, you may purchase a second cart for a one-time charge plus pay an additional annual service fee thereafter.
What do I do with my yard debris and clippings?
Bagged grass and leaves are to be placed by the street for collection. Hedge clippings that cannot be bagged are to be placed by the street for collection. Branches are to be no longer than six feet in length and stacked in line with each other. Plastic pots from plants used for landscaping are garbage and should be disposed in the cart. Contractors are responsible for disposing of large tree trimmings and other debris. If left for the City to remove, the home owner will be charged a special pick up fee. If the homeowner cuts the tree, resulting in a pile larger than a pickup truck, a special pick up will be required. Old landscape plants offered for collection must have the soil knocked off of them before placing them at the street for collection. Other waste cannot be mixed with horticultural waste.
Where do I put the debris?
The debris is picked up by a large vehicle called a grab loader. Be sure to place the pile where it can be easily collected. Never place debris by poles, mailboxes, signs, hydrants, or trees. Also, debris piles are not allowed on top of inlets, manholes, valves of any kind, or water meters.
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