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When do I need a building permit?
* Building or remodeling a house * Re-roofing and/or residing * Installing a shed * Adding or enclosing a garage * Building an addition * Replacing windows * Changing or installing heating or air conditioning * Constructing a swimming pool * Putting in a deck or porch * Installing a fence * Erecting a sign * All commercial work If you have any questions, call Building Official Travis Reese at 863-983-1500.
Do I need a license to perform work in my home?
No. A homeowner who owns and occupies a one- or two-family dwelling can do their own construction work as long as they can demonstrate they are knowledgeable of the code requirements. You may not use or hire unlicensed people to help you or to do the work for you.
How do I choose a contractor?
* Ask people you know for names of contractors they have used. * Once you have a list of contractors, ask for references. * Ask your contractor questions. * Verify your contractor has comprehensive insurance coverage. * Obtain written quotes with all the specifications from more than one contractor. It is advisable to get at least three contractors' bids. Remember-the lowest price is not always the best one. It could mean a misunderstanding of the project. * Develop a payment schedule and pay the contractor accordingly. * Pay only for the work that has been done. * Pay by check so that you have a record of your payments. * Pay the company contracted to do the work; not to cash or a person's name. * Sign a completion certificate only if the work is completed, you are satisfied, and the building inspector has approved the final inspection.
How do I get an electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permit?
Electrical, plumbing, and/or mechanical permits are issued in the name of the person performing the work. Only licensed contractors or owner/builder may obtain a permit. Working without a permit can result in fines but, more importantly, you lose the assurance the work you're paying for is built to code, a minimum standard for safety. Owner/builder permits are limited to the construction of one single-family residence or duplex of which the owner resides
What is a notice of commencement?
If your project exceeds $2,500, a Notice of Commencement must be filed by the homeowner or contractor. In accordance with Section 713.13(1)(h) of the Florida Statutes, a "Notice of Commencement" must be filed with the Clerk of the Court prior to commencement of construction of a project, and a certified copy or affidavit attesting to the recording of the Notice of Commencement must be posted at the job site. This notice contains detailed information about the project such as property owner, financial institution, job site address, contractor, etc., and protects the property owner's title to the property.
What is an inspection?
The building inspector will perform periodic inspections as required by the Standard Building Code. Your building permit will indicate the type of work that requires inspections and when to call for one. Failure to comply with the inspection requirements could result in a request to dismantle any work done beyond the inspection stage. In order to prevent inspection delays, install visible addresses on buildings. Call 863-983-1500 to schedule an inspection.
Why do I need a permit?
Not only is it the law, but building permits can also protect you. With a building permit, the inspector will make sure the work is performed in accordance with the Standard Building Code, zoning laws, and the approved plans. Working without a permit can result in fines, but more importantly, you lose the assurance the work you're paying for is built to code, a minimum standard for safety. This permit must be displayed at the job site.
Why do I need inspections?
Inspections are required at various stages of the project to see the work is following the approved plans and codes. There is no additional charge for the inspections; they have been paid for with the permit fees.
Why should I use a licensed contractor?
Any person performing construction services in the City who is not licensed by the Construction Industry Licensing Board is doing so illegally. In addition, the State Attorney General's Office has stated that a contract made with an unlicensed contractor is not enforceable under law. Another reason is the license provides some protection to the owner from being charged for work and materials not provided or paying twice for them. Avoid any contractor who requires large advance payments.
Results 1-9 of 9