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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Angell, Aaron Chief of Police   863-983-1474 x 202
Antunez, Maria Library Assistant Library   863-983-1493
Atkinson, Michael Vice Mayor City Commission    
Combass, Kathy City Clerk   863-983-1484 x 105
Ensminger, Jay Office Coordinator Public Works 863-983-1471 x 500
Gardner, Mali Mayor City Commission   863-983-1484
Howell, Shari Finance Director Finance 863-983-1484 x 103
Lindsey, Laurie Finance Specialist Finance 863-983-1484 x 104
Martin, Randy City Manager City Manager & City Clerk 863-983-1484 x 102
McGahee, Melanie Commissioner City Commission    
McNeil, Debbie Code Enforcement Officer   863-983-1454 x 308
Mila, Lynne Compliance Manager Services Provided   863-983-1454 x 306
Pearson, Sabrina Library Assistant Library   863-983-1493
Perez, Monica Office Manager Utilities 863-983-1454 x 303
Petersen, Kristine Commissioner City Commission    
Reese, Travis Community Development Director Community Development 863-983-1500 x 402
Reynolds, Shirley Senior Library Assistant Library   863-983-1493
Rodriguez, Julio Commissioner City Commission   863-983-1484
Rush, Robbie PGA Golf Professional Golf Course 863-983-1448
Scheffler, Sean Public Works Director Public Works 863-983-1471 x 502
Valles, Adelys Administrative Assistant Police 863-983-1474 x 204
Williams, Danny Utilities Director   863-983-1454 x 302
Wood, Melva Library Assistant Library   863-983-1493
Staff 1-23 of 23