Welcome to Clewiston. Hi, I am Mayor Jimmy Pittman, and as a native son of America's Sweetest Town, it is my privilege to tell you about a few of her natural resources and amenities. Being situated on the Southwest shore of Lake Okeechobee, the second largest natural freshwater lake in the United States, Clewiston is a haven for wildlife and is home to some 7,500 residents.

 Its quiet laid-back lifestyle, as well as bass fishing, birdwatching, and duck hunting, are what draws tourism, fishing tournaments, and many retirees to Clewiston. The city owns and maintains a top-notch golf course that, due to our mild weather, is open year round.  The city also has numerous parks and operates its own utilities company. 

 Centrally located in Florida, Clewiston is surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of farmland, much of which is owned and managed by the United States Sugar Corporation (USSC).  With its headquarters located in the heart of our city, USSC is our largest employer and is a vital part of our thriving community.

 Each year, USSC, in cooperation with the City of Clewiston, hosts the Sugar Festival.  Visitors from hundreds of miles around enjoy live music from some of the most well-known, chart-topping country music artists.  They also have the opportunity to explore many of our locally owned small businesses, artists, and clubs who set up vendor tents in the city's Civic Park. Food trucks line the streets, giving attendees a wide range of choices of food and drink throughout the day.

 Clewiston is also a bird sanctuary.  You can join the Audubon Society in their bird watching events held throughout the year, or visit our local museum and learn about the history of Clewiston and the Glades. If shopping and dining, cultural events, or the beach are on your mind, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Ft. Myers are all excellent options and just a quick trip from our Home Sweet Home.

 In closing I would like to invite you to visit and experience our city and learn why we love her so. You may find that you too want to put down roots in the rich soil that makes everything sweeter.