The Clewiston Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is a public body which operates pursuant to the State of Florida Community Redevelopment Act of 1969 (Florida Statutes, Chapter 163, Part III) that gives counties and municipalities the authority to create community redevelopment agencies and to carry out community redevelopment to eliminate and prevent slum and blighted conditions and to enhance and protect the tax base within the designated community agency districts.

The City Commission encourages you to become familiar with the CRA and its plans for future.  The attached Redevelopment Plan, (by chapter) outlines goals and polices, and provides implementation strategies necessary to take the plan forward.  All residents are invited to take a look at the Plan and to contact the City at 863-983-1484 if you have any questions or suggestions.

Current members of the Community Redevelopment Advisory Board are R. L. Carroll, Scott Jones, Karl Larson, Kersten Maxson, Electa Waddell, Lisa Walker and Luan Walker.