Animal Control

The Animal Control Division consists of two full-time animal control officers and some dedicated part-time volunteers.  They cover over 500 sq. miles and pick up approximately 2,000 animals per year.  The facility boasts an indoor puppy room, indoor cat room and 14 larger outdoor kennels located at 410 W. Arroyo Avenue, Clewiston.  For assistance call the Clewiston Police Department at 863-983-1474.

Basic Pet Ownership Regulations

The City's Code of Ordinances, Article I, Sec. 14-4 prohibits animals from creating a nuisance, disturbing the peace, or infringing on the rights of adjoining neighbors.  All domestic animals must have a current rabies vaccination.

The officers enforce the City's leash law.  Pet owners may be cited and/or fined for allowing their animals to run loose.  Any dog which has exhibited tendencies toward attacking, biting, mauling or otherwise injuring people or other animals may be deemed a vicious dog; all dog bites must be reported.  Animals that have been picked up may be claimed Monday through Friday, 7am - 4pm.

City Ordinance:  Sec. 14-125 -  Keeping domestic fowl is prohibited.  The term "domestic fowl" includes chickens, turkeys, ducks or geese.  It shall be unlawful for any person to keep domestic fowl within the city limits.

Pet Adoption Rules

If you adopt a pound pet, the animal must have a current rabies vaccination, heart worm prevention and be spayed or neutered before being released.  If renting, landlord approval and contact information is required.

Donations are gladly accepted and greatly needed!

Clewiston Animal Control

410 W. Arroyo Ave.

Clewiston, FL 33440


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