Building Permit Application Process:

Acquiring a Building Permit helps assure the property owner that construction conforms to the regulatory and safety requirements of the City of Clewiston and the State of Florida.  As construction progresses, the Building Official will make scheduled inspections to document compliance and provide technical assistance regarding your project.

Required Documentation for Permit Application:

The applicant must provide sufficient documentation so that the Building Official can conduct a thorough plan review.  Depending on the scope of the building project, some or all of the following documents may be required with the application:

1. Site Plan
2. Building Elevations
3. Mechanical Plan
4. Signage Plan
5. Structural Plan 
6. Electrical Plan
7. Foundation Plan
8. Landscaping Plan
9. Grading and Drainage Plan

Commercial and subdivision projects must submit a Design Review Application prior to applying for a Building Permit.

It is advisable to consult with the Building Official prior to submitting your plan.  Missing or incomplete documents will delay the issuance of a Building Permit.  Please allow ten working days for the plan review process.  You will be notified when a permit is ready to be issued.  Construction prior to the issuance of a permit is subject to a STOP WORK ORDER and/or a penalty of $50.


In order for the Building Inspector to conduct the required, scheduled inspections, the property address must be posted, the Building Permit must be prominently displayed, and the Inspection Card available for the Inspector to note the inspections performed.  An approved set of building plans must also be on-site as an inspection aid to both the inspector and the builder.

Call the Community Development Department at 863-983-1500 at least 24 hours prior when scheduling a building inspection and provide the following information:

1.  The permit number
2.  The job site address
3.  Type of requested inspection
4.  Your name and telephone number
5.  Any other information that might help us provide you  with the inspection. 

If you have a building question, check the City's Code of Ordinances, for more information or print the residential permitting packet (link below).